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Chritmas truck

sreesaai & DADDYBEE experience

Sreesaai & Daddybee visited the Coca cola christmas truck at London. The truck was part of the coca cola christmas truck 2019 tour in United Kingdom (UK). With #Holidaysarecomingiconic Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour marked the start of the christmas festive season.

As we parked our car, Sreesaai was so excited to see the big red santa truck with lights wrapped around it. We were ready to explore the truck braving the cold weather. We noticed there were lot of kids and adults alike.

There were two different queues, one to get a personalised Coca-cola bottle (which we had to buy from Sainsburys and they will add the name to the bottle). Unfortunately there were long queue for this, so we decided to join the queue thats waiting to explore the truck and picture area.

As obvious, we were offered free coca-cola tins. After nearly an hour long wait, we managed to get through the coca-cola lighted arch for a picture.
Then we noticed that there was a display with crushed coca-cola cans, said that for every one can Coca-cola crushed will give 10p to Crisis charity.

Then we followed to the gaming area and then to the picture stands. Overall it was colourful, Fun filled experience for both Kids and adults.

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Christmas truck

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