I'm a 6 year old Kid


This is a Kids Blog by a Kid (Managed by Dad)

I’m Sreesaai 6 year old (in 2019 – when starting this Kinderbees Blog), interested in blogging and a youtuber.  I have my own Youtube Channel for Kids called Kinderbees. Fun & Entertaining channel for Kids. I will share my experiences, Fun Facts, Quiz, Learning Videos, toy reviews, learning tools, Entertaining videos and posts in my blog and Vlog. Thank you for your support. 

As for known reasons (Age limitations), This blog and my youtube channel are managed by my dad. He will update all the content in this website, My youtube account and Instagram account #sreesaaisworld account (please note this is completely managed by my dad) and will  maintain this website. Please contact my DAD for any information regarding this website. 

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